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We are what we Eat

While grabbing a quick cup of coffee today in the food hall of one of our larger shopping centres, I happened to glance at the tray of a rather large woman who took her seat at the next table. It had on it a plate of deep fried food with chips, a big slice of chocolate cake, and a Coke. This brought to mind the many articles I have been reading recently about the increasing obesity and deteriorating health in our society today. Maybe this is part of the problem?
What really concerns me is that our children are now heading down this road. I think the problem is aggravated because many people today don’t know how to cook; more importantly, they simply don’t know how to cook a nutritious meal in a short time. They finish work after a long day and it is so much easier to stop and pick up a take-away on the way home than to go home and cook. The meal may be full of fat and of dubious nutritional value, but it is easy and the kids like it! And you know what they say- YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. A very true saying!


writer’s Week in Adelaide SA

Now writer’s week is over, I can say that one of the most interesting discussions was with a panel of three international book publishers – from the UK, Germany and India. They discussed the situation with traditional publishing in today’s technological world. Although cautious with their words, the consesus was that digital printing is the the way of the future for publishing. Having recently researched the statistics re the rise in sales of e-readers and e-books over the past two years, I was not surprised. Two of my books, ‘Inheritance’ and ‘An Independent Woman’ have become available on Kindle during the last month.

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