Why do writers write? I can’t speak for any other writer, but I write because I love doing it. I love the whole creative process of putting my ideas down on paper, I love re-writing to make the story the best I can possibly make it, so that  my readers will take pleasure in reading it, and most of all I love it when one of my readers tell me they enjoyed that story.

I started reading books at an early age, loved all the wonderful (and the not-so-wonderful!) tales, and by the time I reached young adulthood I knew that I wanted to write my own stories.

I wrote a few short- stories but never had the confidence to submit them for publication. And then the pressures of raising a family and helping to run a family business became my top priorities. But finally came the time of my life when other pressures became less, and I was able to look at trying to fulfill my dream.

As  this coincided with a caravanning  trip around Australia, I decided to try my hand at travel writing. My first article was accepted by Caravan World magazine. Unsure of when it would be published, I checked out the next issue at the newsagent, and the thrill I felt when I opened that magazine, and saw my article in print, rates about  twelve on a scale of one to ten. I felt the same when I received the first five-star review for my first novel, Inheritance. And I still get that great surge of delight from a good review today.

So it’s not about the money, unless you’re JK Rowlings or a big name, you don’t make much from writing.  But what I make is far more important to me, for writing fulfills me in a way no other work has ever done. And I’ll continue to do it for as long as someone tells me they enjoy reading what I write.



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