Help save the Great Barrier Reef

It is World Environment Day today and here in Australia we have some good news. The Federal Government has put a stop to Gina Rinehart’s plans for further coal mining in the sensitive area close to the Great Barrier Reef, pending further reports. As the Reef has World Heritage listing, it is the Federal Government that has the lead responsibility in protecting it from damage. Last week Unesco warned that the reef will be placed on the List of World Heritage in danger unless it is protected from the new port and infrastructure projects proposed. It is the unprecedented number of approvals in the last decade of projects such as the  liquefied natural gas plants on Curtis Island, and new or expanded ports such as Gladstone Harbour, that have caused this to happen.

Certainly these projects will boost the economy – but at what cost? The destruction of one of the most beautiful and ecologically significant wonders of the world is not worth it!  HOW DARE THEY DO THIS TO OUR REEF! The Great Barrier Reef belongs to all Australians, not just to those who live in Queensland. I live far away, down in South Australia, but I believe I have the right to regard it possessively. If you are an Australian, whether you were born here or adopted Australia as your home, then this is YOUR reef. Stand up for it! Find the names of your local MPs, Federal, State and local, and contact them. Get angry! Make them listen! Tell them you won’t stand for pollution of the waters of the reef, tell them you won’t stand for ships sailing through these sensitive seas. And tell them you will make your anger felt at the ballot box if they don’t stop this wanton destruction. Do your part to help to save our reef.


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