Time to write?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sit down and write without having the interruptions of running a home! There never seems to be the amount of time you want for writing, so often something else crops up that needs immediate attention – like the baby crying, or the cat jumping up on the table and knocking over your coffee, or the washing machine beeping to remind you the clothes need hanging out . Or maybe it’s time to go and pick up the kids from school.  All things  needing immediate attention. Ignore them at your peril!

I bet when Somerset Maugham was writing his Tales of the South Seas he never had to leave his writing to do the laundry. I can just see him sitting at a table in some little bar in some little island, coconut palms waving gently in the breeze outside, a glass of whiskey at his elbow, as he scribbled away in his notebook.  And he probably had fresh clothes laid out for him daily by a  South Seas Island laundry-maid. And when Ernest Hemingway pounded away on his Corona#3 typewriter, writing his masterpieces, I bet he didn’t have to stop to go and prepare dinner.

Oh for a house-husband!

I read that JK Rowling said she did no housework for a year. How did she get away with it? Never cleaned the bathroom? Ate out every night? They all wore the same clothes for a year? Or did she just have a wonderful old-fashioned housekeeper? Sigh!

I never seem to have enough time for my writing. How do you manage? All suggestions welcome!





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