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Review of ‘Duet”

I have mixed feelings about this book. It is a very long and involved story and I almost gave it away a couple of times but I persevered because I wanted to see how the author, who is very talented, would draw all the pieces together in the end. It is a tale of two women, alike but different, and how their lives intertwine. Angela is a pop singer and Ellie is a soprano with a passionate love of opera.When Angela suffers an accident with a blow to the head and loses her memory, she disappears and George, her manager, frantic at losing her, persuades Ellie to 4739487take her place. What is intended as a short, temporary measure, becomes longer as George is unable to find Angela.What ensues is a deception fueled by greed on both Ellie’s and George’s side, and a desire by Angela to remain unaware of her past, flashes of which tell her that it is best left unknown.Of the two women, Angela is the most likeable character, but I felt sorry for Ellie too, as she finds fame but happiness seems to elude her.I’m afraid I found the ending was based on just too many coincidences to be totally plausible. I wavered between giving this three or four stars, I would like to be able to use three and a half, but as I rated Wildflower Hill by the same author, which I thoroughly enjoyed, as four, I am giving this three stars.