Escape is Five Today!

The Escapades


First, we have to congratulate our launch authors, our first authors, the ones who kicked it all off:


Ainslie Paton


Lee Christine


Rebekah Turner


Rhian Cahill


Keziah Hill

and of course to the many authors who have joined us since: Congratulations!

Escape is nothing without you, and we love working with you!

Here are some stats about our first five years:

  • Over 650 000 books sold
  • Almost 400 distinct titles (that’s nearly 400 happy endings!), across 14 subgenres
  • 143 authors, 71 of which published their very first book with Escape. Most are still with us, either exclusively, within the greater Harlequin family, or as hybrid authors
  • The authors who have published the most titles with us are Juliet Madison (11), followed closely by Rhian Cahill (10) and Jenny Schwartz (10)
  • Our three best-selling genres are Rural Romance, Scottish Romance, and Paranormal Romance
  • We have been nominated for six, and won…

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