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Kate Loveday grew up in a seaside suburb in Adelaide, South Australia. The only girl and the second eldest amongst six brothers, she spent the sunny summers on the white sandy beach with her brothers and the cold, rainy winters indoors, reading. Her love of books began in her childhood when she started reading novels in her early schooldays.

Always wanting to write, Kate wrote short stories in her early twenties but never submitted them for publication. Then raising a family and helping to run a family business cut short such aspirations.

Due to business commitments she moved to Sydney in 1988 and it was not until she and her husband Peter retired from the beauty and natural therapy business they ran together, that she took the time to write in earnest.

While spending three years caravanning in Australia Kate worked as a freelance travel writer for holiday magazines.

It was then that she formed the idea for her first novel “Inheritance”, which was published in USA in 2007 and received international acclaim.

Her second novel, ‘An Independent Woman’ is set in the late nineteenth century and is published in Australia by Scribe’s Ink Publishers. It is the first book in the Redwoods series.

For the past nine years Kate has lived in the beautiful Great Lakes area on the lower mid-north coast of NSW, about three hours north of Sydney with Peter

There, surrounded by green bushland where kangaroos come to visit and nibble the grass and birds fill the daylight hours with their song, Kate pursued her passions of writing, reading, gardening and listening to music.

However, after years of being seperated from her family, the pull of blood ties became too strong to resist, and she has returned to her old home town, Adelaide, leaving behind a piece of her heart that will always remain in New South Wales.

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